Bareback Pigs Fuck With Wild Abandon

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Sex pigs and semen whores. These are the men of Bareback That Hole. And no matter what you call them, there’s one thing you can count on, regardless of whether they’re Top or bottom. These bareback whores (you can mix it up any way you want) give themselves up with wild abandon. Nothing short of pure lust drives Sam Crockett and Butch Bloom and SO many names fit here: sex pigs, rod hounds, man whores. Mind you, we don’t say those things in a bad way. We’re not calling them names and our intention isn’t to put them down but to praise their whorishness.

We’ve seen plenty of men turn inside total bareback sex pigs but we haven’t quite seen the depth of passion that drives Butch and Sam. When the scene starts they’re already in a 69 position. The horny bastards started before we could get to the camera! Not that we blame them. These guys are perfect whores. Check them out for yourself. Take a look at the how Butch devours Sam’s giant fat bone. Watch how masculine Sam probes Butch’s delicate, hairy little fuckhole, eating him the way a straight man eats a woman. It’s love Sam craves the flavor of Butch’s hole on his tongue, the scent of his sweaty brown hole on his face. And the need to seed, to collect cum, is evident on their faces as they fuck with complete abandon as they let their greed to accept over. Whores. Oh yeaaahhh.

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Sam Crockett and Butch Bloom suck and rim one another before Sam takes Butch and bangs him bareback

Aggressive Bottom Drills Himself On Teen Stud

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Lavender Lounge continues to bring you scenes that are porn different. These days we feature Reed Matthews and Sebastian Keys, two very different men into dark sexual mind games. We were lucky with those two. It’s solid to pull off a daddy/son roleplay scene. Sometimes the teen ones fear what the “older” leather older gay might do to him or fears turning into him. But that’s the beauty of sex: it’s wickedly complex, fascinating, and is the ultimate high if you’re luckyenough to shed your fears and give in to your fantasies. Which is exactly what Reed and Sebastian do.

Sebastian’s already wrapped up, gagged, and blindfolded in Reed’s lair when the tattooed, masculine daddy appears with a utility knife. Cutting open small holes, Reed proceeds to lick, chew, and tease the Sebastian’s nipples. This guy then moves south, cutting an opening for Sebastian’s candle. Reed swallows the rapidly hardening piece while “young cocksucker boy” moans with delirious pleasure. You’dTHINK Reed would want to bang the teen cocksuckers boy after but, no! He slaps a condom on Sebastian’s big carrot, turns around, and drills himself. Reed backs up on Sebastian, his hungry hole swallowing the entire length, then proceeds to ride the shaft. When he releases Sebastian from the plastic the teen mantears inside Reed until they both let loose, leaving them drained but utterly satisfied.

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Native American Ty Hudson bangs himself with a dildo and jerks off while dressed in ceremonial gear

Straight Blue Collar Worker Fucks Suited Businessman

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Not matter what they say or how often they deny, there are millions of menaround the world who enjoy on the thought of having a natural chap. If you’ll pardon the expression, usual men are the forbidden fruit. The ultimate conquest for those of us who enjoy on their beauty, masculinity, and bones, which have been in places most of us don’t even want tothink of. At World of Studs, we’re taking that straight twink boy boy concept and amping it up a bit with suited up power bottom Victor Crave lusting after blue-collar worker Joe Bond.

The young athlete arrives to give Victor an estimate on work he needs done but Victor can barely focus and finds himself distracted by the guy before him. Victor MUST have him and even when Joe protest, saying he’s natural, Victor gets his way. What follows is one sexy face drill, with masculine, tattooed Joe slamming inside Victor’s throat and the gay gagging from time to time. In fact, you’d swear you can feel Joe’s carrot at the back of YOUR throat as you watch. Victor rims Joe’s cute, trim, hairy hole but he’s the one that inclines and gets slammed. It’s warm as hell to watch Joe bang Victor’s delicate anal but it’s even hotter to watch Victor receive control and ride Joe, his own thick, uncut carrot bobbing, firm as a rock, until they both spew with some thick, tasty-looking loads of cream.

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Suited bottom Victor Crave sucks tattooed workman Joe Bond then gets fucked by the teen stud

Skinny Whiteboy Slammed Raw In Sling By Hung Swarthy Guy

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When Kamrun is in the mood to fuck he’ll do whatever it takes. In this scene from Breed Me Raw, he’s back to his straight self as he gets ready to Top Rowdy McBeal bareback. But first, the sexy fucker is sucking the whiteboy’s carrot. This guy doesn’t mind. He actually LOVES sucking rod, especially on skinny white lads love Rowdy. Besides, it’s a great prelude to what this guy’s truly itching for. Hole. Delicate. Deep.

Kamrun buries his face in Rowdy’s fuzzy little butt and goes to town, slicking his ass full of spit and tongue fucking the crack before getting him into the sling. Not that Rowdy needed prompting. This bareback sex pig was jonesing for giant black dong and gladly spreads his legs for Kamrun to penetrate him. Kamrun takes Rowdy and slams into him repeatedly, stuffing the pig full of dork until this guy actually copulates the semen out of the lad. And after Rowdy strokes his pierced hammer, pumping out a load, Kamrun cums all over his eggs, leaving them both happier than pigs in…you know.

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after sucking each other, kamrun rims rowdy mcbeal then copulates him bareback in a sling

Sometimes Only A Sextoy Will Do

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It’s been a while but Lavender Lounge is back with a delicious bonus scene featuring Ty Hudson, a man we find quite fascinating. This sexy, masculine guy is French Canadian with a dab of Italian thrown in. However, he relates morewith his Native American heritage. You’ll notice he’s got ceremonial bells around his wrists and earring made from his own hair. The other thing we’re good-looking sure you’ll notice is his inherent sensuality. It fucking smolders!

Ty strokes his fat member, grinding wonderful andslow, while running a hand over his hairy chest and belly. He plays with his nipples, tugs on his shaved nuts, then teases his own butt hole with the tip of his beef. In fact, after stretching himself open, Ty lets his candle get soft enough to bend it back, rub the puckered entrance with the head and nearly succeeds in working it inside his own anal! And as if we weren’t already drooling, Ty pulls out a huge rubber sextoy and slides it right up his backdoor, down to the base. Ty rides that thing as if it were a real beef, wanking and building to a feverish pitch before spraying his belly with sperm. Sadly, Ty was still hungry for me but made do by blowing, eating, and tasting a stringy glob of cum from his fingers.

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Native American Ty Hudson bangs himself with a dildo and jerks off while dressed in ceremonial gear

Hirsute, Hung Young Daddy Spit-Roasted By Lads With Massive Hammers

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The masculine men from Trojan’s Toolbox are still injecting a bit of testosterone into The Dreamboy Hotel. Not literally, mind you, only in attitude. brings you another hot tryst with opposites you might not normally see. Hung, uncut, hirsute teen daddy Damian Boss, straight Russian teen jock Billy Rubens and British young cocksucker Luke Desmond with his very large, fat, uncut slab of meat get into a 3-way of epic proportions. The contrast is hottie, the beef sucking is hotter, and the fucking is totally smoking; especially with this being Damian’s first timegoing bottom on camera! Even Luke shows off his inner bottom as he takes turns getting drilled by Damian and Billy.

As it turns out, Luke used to job at The Toolbox and wound up leaving because of Damian. And now his past is rearing it’s giant, fat, sexy beef head and slamming him up theass in a scene that ends up with huge loads of cum being spilled by each of the studs. Into cum facials? We got that, too! There’s even some mouth-watering footage of Luke cumming directly on Damian’s tongue that will make you drool love a hungry bone pig.

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Straight Russian Billy Rubens and cocksuckers Brit Luke Desmond accept turns fucking hung curly Papa Damian Boss

Lad Cream Whore Skewered By Skateboarding Buddies

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At Appealing & Raw we believe that there is innocence, and then there are these that only LOOK innocent. Accept, for example, the following 3some made up of lads and teen jock Phillip Ryan, Alessandro Mancini, and Peter S. They all give the appearance of being sweet and innocent. And for the most part, they are! There’s only one thing, once these dudes get horny, their lust takes over and drives them to fucking bareback where ever they can meet some privacy.

As skateboarders and occasional fuck buddies, it doesn’t take them long to strip down and start licking bone. All of them admit turns. Not a single bone is left unlicked or unsucked. They even explore their mutual foot fetish! Between sucking and sucking toes, bone, and rimming tight holes, Alessandro is soon the focus of attention. Skewered, spit-roasted and tag team fucked, this twink cocksucker not only takes a wonderful hit of cum to the face, swallowing much of the load. The bareback sex fiend also winds up riding Peter S, then sitting back down on the cum slicked shaft, seeding himself. Personally? We think it’s SO damn hottie to watch a newbie gay’s hunger receive hold and possess him until he gets every drop.

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Phillipe Ryan, Alessandro Mancini and Peter S. have a bareback threeway in a warehouse