Pig Fucking

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The circle jerk continues at AlphaMales.com, this time with the guys breaking off inside groups. We hear one trio fucking off camera while Aitor Crash, Dominic Pacifico and Damian Boss get busy with a giant dong sucking session. We’re talking huge pieces of meat here, too. Fat cocks, with plenty of foreskin for Aitor to chew on while Damian gets his face banged. These masculine hunks are hungry, each of them devouring inch after inch of bone before Dominic gets rimmed, skewered, and spit-roasted like a pig. Who knew Dominic was such a member whore? Well, we suspected but we had no idea he’d open up the way this guy does. Even Aitor gets in on the getting banged bit, winding up in a bang sandwich with his cock entrenched ballocks deep into Dominic and Damian’s giant piece digging into his unshaved anal.

Spencer Reed puts in an appearance after waking up from a nap. It’sa wonder the cummer could sleep what with all the moaning and groaning going on!

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Aitor Crash, Dominic Pacifico and Damian Boss take turns licking and fucking each other

Tattooed Leather Jock Takes Bull By The Love apples

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Ever see two fellows together and think to yourself that one could have the other for lunch?It happens sometimes when one chap is smaller, prettier, or looks less rough than the bigger, butcher, more masculine of the two. That’s not to say that Will Helm isn’t strong or butch because truthfully, he is. It’s just that this gorgeous Frenchman from Butch Dixon seems love he just might have what it takes to grab Nathan Price by the love apples and swing him around to do what he wants. But guess what? That’s exactly what Will does. Well, okay. Maybe this guy doesn’t grab him by the eggs but the two definitely get into some amazing hammer sucking and ball worship.

The two are sexy as hell, intense, and dripping with spit and pre-cum as the get into a behaved hot fetish scenario that’ll have you drooling. These chaps know how to suck big uncut pecker and as for Nathan, agree’s just say that he knew how to take a wonderful deep bang. Even when he practically begs Will to stop, the teen jock kept going and Nathan just took it like the chap he truly is. Will rewards him in the end with a huge steamy cum facial.

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Masculine Chap Nathan Price Fucked By Hung Uncut Frenchman Will Helm

Hung Twinks Play Bareback Strip Poker

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At BareAdventures, we know nothing good can come from three bored and horny teen chaps with a deck of cards. Someone will ALWAYS wind up naked and at least one of the twinks is getting banged. Is it any wonder then that we weren’t surprised at what happened once Sam Santi, Oliver Zac and John Horny started playing strip poker? It isn’t long before twinks and teen jock are stripped bare-bass nude, all of them taking turns blowing on massive uncut beefs. But that’s not all these horny fuckers do.

John, being the last one to strip, somehow winds up in the middle. Oliver, who has a pair of giant, low-hanging balls, and Sam Santi play with their boy buddy’s unshaved hole, spitting inside it and fingering it as they prep him for a bareback fuck. And the boys do NOT disappoint! John is a regular little whore as he gets his face and adorable raw holefucked by each hung buddy. And after all that fucking after some cock-drooling bareback sex, Oliver and Sam wank over John, cum on his face, giving the jizz junkie a mouth-watering double facial. With thick, milky loads likethese who needs dermabrasion?

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A game of strip poker leads to Sam Santi and Oliver Zac fucking twink buddy John Horny bareback

Bareback Pigs Fuck With Wild Abandon

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Sex pigs and semen whores. These are the men of Bareback That Hole. And no matter what you call them, there’s one thing you can count on, regardless of whether they’re Top or bottom. These bareback whores (you can mix it up any way you want) give themselves up with wild abandon. Nothing short of pure lust drives Sam Crockett and Butch Bloom and SO many names fit here: sex pigs, rod hounds, man whores. Mind you, we don’t say those things in a bad way. We’re not calling them names and our intention isn’t to put them down but to praise their whorishness.

We’ve seen plenty of men turn inside total bareback sex pigs but we haven’t quite seen the depth of passion that drives Butch and Sam. When the scene starts they’re already in a 69 position. The horny bastards started before we could get to the camera! Not that we blame them. These guys are perfect whores. Check them out for yourself. Take a look at the how Butch devours Sam’s giant fat bone. Watch how masculine Sam probes Butch’s delicate, hairy little fuckhole, eating him the way a straight man eats a woman. It’s love Sam craves the flavor of Butch’s hole on his tongue, the scent of his sweaty brown hole on his face. And the need to seed, to collect cum, is evident on their faces as they fuck with complete abandon as they let their greed to accept over. Whores. Oh yeaaahhh.

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Sam Crockett and Butch Bloom suck and rim one another before Sam takes Butch and bangs him bareback

Lad Cream Whore Skewered By Skateboarding Buddies

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At Appealing & Raw we believe that there is innocence, and then there are these that only LOOK innocent. Accept, for example, the following 3some made up of lads and teen jock Phillip Ryan, Alessandro Mancini, and Peter S. They all give the appearance of being sweet and innocent. And for the most part, they are! There’s only one thing, once these dudes get horny, their lust takes over and drives them to fucking bareback where ever they can meet some privacy.

As skateboarders and occasional fuck buddies, it doesn’t take them long to strip down and start licking bone. All of them admit turns. Not a single bone is left unlicked or unsucked. They even explore their mutual foot fetish! Between sucking and sucking toes, bone, and rimming tight holes, Alessandro is soon the focus of attention. Skewered, spit-roasted and tag team fucked, this twink cocksucker not only takes a wonderful hit of cum to the face, swallowing much of the load. The bareback sex fiend also winds up riding Peter S, then sitting back down on the cum slicked shaft, seeding himself. Personally? We think it’s SO damn hottie to watch a newbie gay’s hunger receive hold and possess him until he gets every drop.

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Phillipe Ryan, Alessandro Mancini and Peter S. have a bareback threeway in a warehouse

Hirsute, Hung Young Daddy Spit-Roasted By Lads With Massive Hammers

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The masculine men from Trojan’s Toolbox are still injecting a bit of testosterone into The Dreamboy Hotel. Not literally, mind you, only in attitude. Eurocreme.com brings you another hot tryst with opposites you might not normally see. Hung, uncut, hirsute teen daddy Damian Boss, straight Russian teen jock Billy Rubens and British young cocksucker Luke Desmond with his very large, fat, uncut slab of meat get into a 3-way of epic proportions. The contrast is hottie, the beef sucking is hotter, and the fucking is totally smoking; especially with this being Damian’s first timegoing bottom on camera! Even Luke shows off his inner bottom as he takes turns getting drilled by Damian and Billy.

As it turns out, Luke used to job at The Toolbox and wound up leaving because of Damian. And now his past is rearing it’s giant, fat, sexy beef head and slamming him up theass in a scene that ends up with huge loads of cum being spilled by each of the studs. Into cum facials? We got that, too! There’s even some mouth-watering footage of Luke cumming directly on Damian’s tongue that will make you drool love a hungry bone pig.

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Straight Russian Billy Rubens and cocksuckers Brit Luke Desmond accept turns fucking hung curly Papa Damian Boss

Raw Amateurs Fuck Nasty In Hot Bareback Scene

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Patrick Hanson and Randy Hardenhave been checking each other out for quite a while. They see each other at the same bars and at the same porno shops (presumably checking out the DVDs from HairyAndRaw.com). The circumstanceswere not ever quite right, but this time the stars have aligned for these horny men and they hook up in a cheap motel area for a raunchy, sweaty night of bareback fucking.

Randy devours Patrick’s solid candle and gropes his shaggy chest and anal. Patrick spits in his hand and starts stroking Randy’s dong, already dripping precum. The bareback fuckfest is about to start! Randy jams his fat hog into Patrick’s delicate curly fuckhole and Patrick grunts love a pig with every thrust. These dirty fuckers are both versatile so after Randy is finished getting off in Patrick’s anal he bends over to return the favour and Patrick totally wrecks his sweaty, bushy fuckhole.

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Raw amateurs get fucking nasty in a hot bareback scene